Linked: 81 Percent Of U.S. Adults Do Not Regularly Use Twitter

The numbers in the post below are important to remember, whether you’re a business owner trying to decide where to spend your marketing budget, or anyone trying to determine what society and politics looks like in the US. Twitter may get a lot of attention in the media, but it’s only representative of a small slice of the public:

“According to a Pew Research study conducted in 2018, only 22 percent of U.S. adults are active on Twitter. Actually, the number is likely even less than that. The 2010 U.S. Census says that there were about 308 million total people in this country. Of this, 235 million were adults over 18, a 10 percent increase from 2000, which was the date of the last census. Assuming the 2020 Census has similar growth, we would be looking at approximately 258 million adult Americans. Twitter says that there are currently about 48 million active users in the U.S., and those likely include a large number bots and other fake accounts. But putting that aside and assuming all these accounts are legit, this still means that the actual number of American adults regularly on the site totals less than 19 percent. Which means that 81 percent of Americans do not use Twitter actively.”

Look, it’s easy to look at Twitter when you want to see an over-the-top view of current events, and quote some of the most radical views on anything, because that is definitely there. But, what isn’t there, is the vast majority of US adults.

That matters, and it means that what we see on Twitter, is a smallish group of people who have made the decision to be on Twitter.

As has often been said, nowhere looks like it does on TV, and nowhere looks like Twitter, really.

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