Happy People are More Productive

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Take time off, real time off, not “no meetings during the day but catching up on emails for 4 hours that evening” time off, actual disconnected, unreachable, time away from work. And, encourage the people who work for you to do exactly that too.

“Taking time away from work means leaning into disconnecting, relaxing, and being present,” Dr. Rice says. “We know that down time actually boosts productivity down the road and boosts our creativity in the moment. We would all be better people if we took time off from work.”

I have some time off coming up, and I’m spending much of this week marking things off of my to-do list ahead of deadline so that I can truly, totally, disconnect from work. Frankly, I need the break. It’s that important to me. It’s that important to my physical and mental well-being to have some time that isn’t consumed by work. Time to simply not even think about my work.

So, make sure you are giving yourself time to be away from work as well. No matter where you spend that time. Burned out employees are no good to anyone.


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