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Linked: 4 video meeting rules that should follow us back to the office

We should absolutely bring these 4 things with us into all meetings no matter what the workplace might physically look like in the future.

I agree, I have noticed that people do seem to be more aware of when someone else is trying to talk and how they might have interrupted or stepped over them. We absolutely should make time for just socializing. One of my biggest pet peeves about the argument that remote workers just don’t connect as a team and collaborate is that it is possible if you simply intentionally create the space for it. We should trust our employees enough to multitask during the parts of meetings that aren’t really relevant to them, and by all means, we should consider having fewer meetings.

These are all common sense things, no matter where you are meeting, but especially with remote workers in meetings.

What else would you continue to do that you do in meetings now?

What should we absolutely stop doing?


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