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Linked: Remote working jobs: 5 problems we need to solve in 2022

All 5 of the problems addressed in this article are important, but this is the one sentence that I think is the key to making it work, and the hardest thing to adjust to.

“Managers will need to pay more attention to the output of their workers, rather than basing their assumptions on how many days a week they spend in the office.”

Sadly, most managers just don’t know how to do this. We’ve lived in a world where hard work = hours worked for so long that we don’t know how to do anything else, even though it was also never really true. There have always been people who “work” long hours just to look good without ever really getting anything done, and others who get work done very efficiently and see no reason to sit at their desk longer and play that game. (And everything in between these two extremes!)

What we haven’t done in many cases is figure out better ways to measure who is getting actual work done, because sometimes that’s hard to do. Figuring out what to measure and how to evaluate employees is harder than you might think it is. Especially when compared to simply measuring who is at work longer.

There’s no reason we can’t trust employees to get work done without monitoring their every move (also mentioned as one of the problems in the article) by measuring the the effectiveness of their work instead of the time spent. It takes effort, but managers, you’re not afraid of putting in a little effort to better evaluate your team, are you?

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