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Some Employers Have Not Figured Out The Job Market Changed

This is really the only takeaway I can give you when I read stories like this:

Companies Are Desperate for Workers. Why Aren’t They Doing the One Thing That Will Attract Them?

The article is chock full of stories of hiring managers offering the same low pay that workers have already left, a whole 7 days of PTO per year, (Sick and vacation), or asking for a long list of qualifications that very few people have and no one would do at the salary being offered.

Sadly, I’ve seen and heard many stories like this too. I’ve seen some of those job listings myself. You know the ones, where they want to pay entry-level wages but also require 5 years experience or the list of requirements sound like you’re really looking for multiple people, but only paying for one. In my industry, it’s usually the laundry list of experience and certifications that give it away. Really, you are going to require multiple certifications on half a dozen different platforms and tools, as well as years of recent experience? Who even has access to that many different tools at the same time?

Also, if you’re hiring process involves multiple interviews and weeks of delays, you’re going to see a lot of your candidates swept up with an offer before you even get through the process.

You need to be better. If you’re not, someone else will be. Or as Allison wraps up the article above:

Ultimately, though, too many companies have become used to not having to pay competitive wages, offer attractive benefits, or generally treat people well. Now that that’s changed, some of them are finding it easier to complain about the labor market than to figure out how to make themselves a place people would be eager to work even when they have other options.

It’s unclear how long this moment will last and whether it will be long enough for more companies to be forced to alter their mindsets—but the longer it does last, and the more accustomed we get to these changes, the better off workers will be.

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