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There is more good advice about what you can do as a leader, but I really wanted to focus on this paragraph.

“Leaders have the responsibility to ensure that workloads are appropriate for each member of their team. Managers should meet regularly with their employees to discuss these and other challenges to get a true understanding of what everyone’s workloads are like. It is not appropriate for an employee to regularly be turning in 60-hour weeks because of how much they are responsible for. “

The reason I wanted to focus on this is that it can also be very easy to underestimate how much time people are spending on their work when the work is being done remotely, or in a hybrid situation. Even in the legal or consulting worlds where many of us are billing our time, or at least tracking time worked on projects, it’s not telling you the whole story. There is a lot of time spent on miscellaneous tasks that are getting lost in whatever tool you’re using to track the amount of time worked.

It’s the 15 minutes I logged in to check my schedule before accepting a handful of meeting requests before heading to bed. The time spent clearing out the inbox over my first cup of coffee, or answering questions for a newer coworker, it’s all very likely to not show up in the “official” time because it happens, and then we forget about it.

Do you know how much time your people work without considering it time worth tracking? Do you know how much those little interruptions add to the overall stress levels?

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know, until they leave to find a less stressful position somewhere else.

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