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Linked – One on One Meetings Help Employee Engagement and Retention

The headline is true, but with this really important caveat:

“But, organizations need to remember that the one on one meeting only becomes successful when managers and employees have a good meeting.”

This, of course, is the rub. The value of a one-on-one meeting is subject to the ability of the manager and the direct report to conduct a quality meeting. While that sounds pretty simple, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever been taught how to have a quality one-on-one meeting with your boss or with a direct report?

Some of you might answer yes to that question because some resources are available to learn these skills. (Including the article below.) A lot of folks, though, have never been taught how to do this well. They’ve stumbled along, doing the best they can with no direction. It’s somewhat remarkable that they’ve done as well as they have when they’ve done it well. It’s also not surprising that some of them do them poorly.

The ones who are having poor meetings are hurting your retention, and that is hurting your bottom line.

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