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Linked: 46% of employees would not share data to improve wellbeing support

I do think this is going to be one of the big balancing acts that organizations are going to have to conduct when it comes to wellbeing. How do I keep track of how my employees are doing, without violating their privacy?

“Nearly half (46%) of employees do not think their organisation should be able to monitor their personal health data, even if this enabled them to offer improved wellbeing support.

The research carried out by Deloitte revealed that almost half (49%) of workers also believe their personal health is none of their employer’s business.”

The reality is, we’ve all worked in some organization or other where we couldn’t really trust them to be professional, and not be stigmatizing, when it comes to things like stress and mental health. There is a reason why these numbers are so high, because we’ve seen it happen. Even in organizations that aren’t outwardly pushing people out the door for taking a mental health day, there are still too many bosses who will limit the opportunities, or not provide coaching, for anyone who openly talks about their stress or the need for work-life balance and self care.

That’s why so many people want to work in a place that values mental health, flexibility, and wellbeing, but does not want that company to keep track of them individually.

That line goes too far, and is too easy to abuse. You need to develop serious trust all the way through the organization before you can even consider that.

46% of employees would not share data to improve wellbeing support

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