Linked – Did Microsoft Just Upend the Enterprise Browser Market?

This is very interesting.

“The new product — called “Microsoft Edge for Business” — natively separates work and personal browsing into dedicated browser windows with their own favorites, separate caches and storage locations.”

I recently had a conversation with someone in a fairly security-focused environment who told me they don’t allow Chrome browsers on their work computers, and their users are pretty well forced to use Edge. This feature, assuming it works, is quite a game changer for those of us who’ve gotten a bit used to using Profiles in Edge or Chrome to differentiate different parts of our lives.

Truth be told, I got in the habit of setting up profiles so that I could log in to different M365 platforms, our work tenant, a test tenant, and client tenants. It’s been great for that purpose, and I can see where staring the data from work and personal browsing in completely different spots with maybe different rules in place, could be very beneficial for user privacy and business security.

I just wonder how many profiles I can create. Is it just two? Or can I create various Business profiles within the Edge for Business area? Because I might need more than one. 😉

I don’t have a work laptop currently, so I can’t test this out. Do you work somewhere that is going to be using this new feature? What are your thoughts?

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