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Linked – Employees missing out on AI training and development

Nothing says we aren’t doing a great job in the talent development space like seeing these numbers:

However, Randstad reported that only 13% of employees have been offered any AI training in the past year. This is despite one in three (33%) employees saying they already use AI in their day-to-day roles.

Partially, I think this is a result of the fact that many organizations don’t know what they want their employees to do with AI specifically. It’s difficult to train someone without understanding what it is they are supposed to accomplish. At the same time, we have a challenge here. There’s a ton of hype around ChatGPT and other AI tools and how they can either help people do their jobs, or possibly replace them. There’s a curiosity around them, and a desire to experiment. If an AI tool can create a rough draft of a document that I need to write, giving me something to start with other than a blank page, I might want to see what that looks like.

Good employees want to learn new things and utilize technology to be more efficient, and that’s what we want from our employees. AI is all over the media right now. It’s the hot topic of every tech conference and a ton of legal tech webinars. According to this survey, employees appear to be out there doing it on their own with little direction from their employer. That might become a problem, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. Users have been finding creative ways to find the tools they need to get work done instead of waiting for the IT team and training to tell them they can. AI is just one more to add to that list, and one more that the talent development folks are going to have to play catch up on, quickly.

Are you thinking about how you’re going to train users to use AI appropriately?

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