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Linked – How To Communicate Better At Work Easily And Accomplish More

The article below is worth reading. I want to draw your attention to one piece at the end that is highly relevant to remote and hybrid teams.

Communication Is A Leadership Responsibility

There will always be times when leaders need to be extremely directive, like during a crisis or when an initiative is going off course. But once you get past any need for command-and-control leadership, leaders can motivate employees through conversation. “Look, if you don’t know how to loop for understanding with one of your direct reports, you’ve got a major deficit in your leadership toolbox,” Duhigg says. “If you don’t know how to ask the right questions and listen for what’s unsaid, then you’re taking huge risks because there might be stuff going on.”

This is the key to all the skills that Liz writes about to help us communicate better. If the leaders in your workplace are not communicating, and we see how critical listening is to that communication, the rest of the team is unlikely to be doing it well, either. It’s a modeled behavior. When leaders are open to connection, listen carefully to their reports, and work toward clarity and agreement, that flows into how the team interacts. When leaders only issue directives without consideration for the humans who report to them, you’ll see that same behavior across the team.

If you want your culture to be one of open and clear communication, your managers should practice communicating that way. Anything less is not good communication, and when leaders don’t communicate, that is a failure that won’t be overcome in the long term. It’ll kill your team.

If you want to learn how to communicate better, check out Liz Kizlik’s advice.


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