Linked: How to be vulnerable at work without spilling everything, from Brené Brown

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One of the real struggles when trying to bring our whole selves to the workplace, including our struggles, is that often, the details don’t need to be widely shared. Sometimes because the details involve other people, or there are things that we don’t feel comfortable sharing, yet we can ask for help and support. This goes for family and friendships too.… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) March 7, 2021

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Mitigating E-Discovery Risk of Collaboration Tools

Study: Facebook Users Find Fake News More Engaging Than Facts

– The biggest problem has always been us, not the tech companies.

Forensic Analysis of a Personal Laptop is Intrusive Discovery

Worried About Malware? eDiscovery Could Be Your Biggest Malware Threat

ILTA Names Five ‘Influential Women in Legal Tech’ for 2021

Looking Out for Manipulated ‘Deepfake’ Evidence in Family Law Cases

5 Ways HR Can Support Employees’ Mental Health

2021: Breaches and Ransomware Off to Scary Start

7 places to find free college courses online, from Harvard to MIT

How to Better Support a High Performing Workforce and Yourself During the Pandemic… Read More

Linked: Twitter announces new features to help you make money and fight trolls

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The Super Follow option to charge for access to some of your tweets got all the headlines, and holds exactly zero interest for me, but this little gem might be interesting.

“Twitter is working on a new Communities feature for the platform, which will let users create groups with people who share similar interests. The feature will essentially work like Facebook Groups, and it will let you share tweets exclusively with your community members.”… Read More

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