Now this is Exciting!

The guys who do the Manager Tools Podcast, which I have loved and learned so much from even though I’m not a Manager, are starting up a new podcast on Dec 4, Career Tools. Like Manager Tools, it will be a weekly FREE podcast addressing your Career: development, search, interviewing, networking, recruiting, promotions, layoffs, etc….


Self Marketing

Let me just say, up front, that I’m not a marketing guy. I don’t work in marketing, and I don’t particularly like the way many places go about marketing. That being said, I know quite a few people who do work in marketing, and I’m always interested in how people in the legal industry market…

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Cheating on the Five Blogs Meme

Adrian Lurssen was “kind” enough to tag me for the Five Blogs and Five Blawgers meme. The basic idea is that you suggested five non-legal blogs, and then tag five blawgers to do the same. I’m going to cheat a little though. After a quick review of Steve Matthews roundup of people who have already…

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Stuff from Newsletters

A couple of interesting links that came to me from newsletters today. first, in one of the Technolawyer newsletters, sample E-Discovery Documents from Applied Discovery. There are a handful of samples available, with a few extra available if you register with the site. If you are just starting out with e-discovery and want an idea…