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Deep Bench

I was tuned in to a webinar yesterday by the Cowen Group when one of the speakers talked about the need for a deep bench in Litigation Support. Being a sports fan, I instantly understood exactly what she was saying. Her point was that the firm’s clients experience and expertise when it comes to e-discovery,…

People Have Names

This is a story about something that I experienced at the ILTA conference, but really isn’t related to the conference, it’s just an observation. I wasn’t staying at the Opryland hotel, the conference bank of rooms was sold out, so I found myself staying at the Radisson and shuttling over to the Opryland each morning….

ILTA Monday Thoughts

I’ve tried in the past to do daily blog posts, or posts about individual sessions, at ILTA, only to get sidetracked by the avalanche of things to do rather than sit and write in previous years. So, while I’m writing up thoughts about conference from today, I’m not making any promises that will continue to…

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Sometimes The Cutting Edge Draws Blood

I’ve read with some interest some of the commentaries about the recent moves of high-level eDiscovery experts from various firms and vendors. As someone who made a much less glamorous move myself recently, I’m curious about the different reactions. One of them was from Rees Morrison that caught my eye: Ay, there’s the rub. Just…