I’ve seen numerous people talk about using FriendFeed of late, a few who even talked about using it instead of an RSS aggregator because you can put everything you’re doing online in one feed and give it to people who really want to know what you’re doing that much.

Tonight, I took a quick look at it and I seriously don’t see the point. First off, do you really want to follow every single thing I do online? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Second, and more importantly, why the heck would I take my full post blog feed and push it into a Friendfeed where it gets pushed out to you, the subscriber, as the title only? How is that more useful to you? (Is it possible that I’m missing something here? I put the feed for this blog in and got only titles out!)

Here’s an idea, there are any number of feeds available to you if you want to follow what I’m up to, how about if you take those feeds, in their full length, and use a service like Yahoo Pipes, or xFruits to mix and match the ones you want to follow, instead of having me decide for you, and getting a crappy title only feed that you’ll probably quit reading within a few months anyway?

Here’s a start, take what you want and have a good time:

All posts blog feed:


Just Tech Posts:


Just Lit Support Posts:


Just Photo Posts:


Child Abuse Survivor Blog:


Flickr Photos:


Twitter Updates:


If you need more, check the right side of the blog template for even more places I am online. Again, take what you want, mix and match how you like, don’t wait for me to make a feed for you. This is 2008 people, don’t let some service like Friendfeed tell you how you should follow people!

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