How’s Your Firm with Handling Electronic Information?

If you want a real wake up call, not just for how your firm might be handling a client’s electronic records but also what the experts in the field might be telling those same clients! Jeffrey Ritter was the speaker on last week’s Master’s Conference webinar, Evaluating Law Firms Handling Digital Information as Evidence, and he did a pretty good job of ripping the way a typical law firm does exactly that. It got my attention. Like I said, it’s one thing to see some small flaws in the way we handle a client’s data, and learn from what he’s saying, it’s a whole other thing to realize that he’s out there, educating clients and teaching them to really be on top of the way their lawyers are handling the data. I fully expect we’re going to see a lot more requests for transparency, and full disclosure of exactly what we do with their data.

Frankly, those clients probably should be looking for more transparency, and as much as attorneys might hate that, it’s a good thing for everyone involved!

Go check out the webinar, the information is worth your time!

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