Handy Way to Get Multiple Installers

Somehow I missed this Ed Bott post from back in May about Ninite.com, but now that I’ve seen it, I’m making a note of it for future reference. Next time I get a new Windows box, or get asked about software someone should install on a new PC, I can create an installer for them!

Here’s how Ninite works:

You visit Ninite.com and click check boxes to select one or more programs from the categorized list.

When you’re finished, click the big green Get Installer button and wait while the Ninite back end builds an installer that targets the correct versions (32-bit or 64-bit, XP or Windows 7, and so on).

Download that installer, run it, and let Ninite do the work of downloading the files and silently installing them in the background. It automatically refuses any toolbars or other third-party software that the regular installer runs.

When it finishes (very quickly, in my experience), you’ll find the shortcuts to your newly installed programs on the Start menu, where you can run them and go through any required initial setup steps.

It really is that simple.


Anyone out there used Ninite yet? I’m looking forward to checking it out.

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  1. I’ve tried it once, when it first came out. I had no issues with it. I may very well use it soon. Windows 7 is getting just wonky enough to need a reinstall. It’s coming up on having been installed for two years. I think there might be a patch to fix the problem. Instead of just swapping out what memory it needs to swap out, it swaps it ALL out. 6 GB is a bit much to keep swapping out, especially when after a swap, it decides that it needs to swap some more.

    Luckily I have my profile pointed to a different partition, so I won’t be losing any data. Although I need to resize my partions, as my current C at 48GB is just a bit tight, and that’s without my profile on it! 🙁 I’ll just jump it up to 100GB before I do the install.

    My next new computer (probably 24 months away) is going to have an SSD drive to boot off. I probably should have either waited a little bit longer or just gone ahead and bit the bullet for the black WD 1.5 TB drives instead of the green drives I have. The black ones might make it into the new machine as well, if I convert this one to WHS.

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