App like Flipboard?

So on the iPad, one of my favorite apps is Flipboard, because I can point it at my Twitter feed and browse some of the links being shared by the folks I follow. It’s a lovely app, and it is a nice way to get a sense of the big news being shared by folks in just a few minutes.

However, I have one beef. It only allows me to have one Twitter account active at a time. If I want to use the same functionality with my SurvivorNetwork Twitter account, I have to sign out, sign in with the new account and wait for the app to build the channel with your new account. I’d much prefer multiple channels.

So, until they get around to adding that functionality, is there another app that will let me look at my twitter feed in a similar way? I looked at Zite but it is a little different, sending me suggested stories based on the interests that it gleams from my twitter feed. I don’t really want that, I just want to browse what my tweeps are talking about.

Anyone using two apps with two twitter accounts? Any suggestions for me?

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