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Brookgreen Garden

As a photographer, can there be anything better than a place with decades old live oaks, various works of art laid out among a garden with water fountains, an old rice patty tidal creek, an aviary and a few Christmas decorations thrown in?

Flutist Water Fall

Live Oaks Foot bridge

Plus, seeing, and photographing, everything also led to something along the lines of 5-10 miles of walking, giving you some much needed exercise during the holidays. I can definitely think of worse ways to spend the Sunday before Christmas. Angela and I both really enjoyed the chance to shoot there and spend all day exploring it.

Seriously, if you find yourself near Myrtle Beach, and get tired of shooting at the beach (more on that later….), Brookgreen is  a great place to get a variety of shots, and learn a little local history as well. You can see my full set over at Flickr.

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