Will I See You at #ILTA13?

Yes it’s true, after last year’s new experience of attending the annual ILTA Conference as a vendor as opposed to an attendee, I’ll be repeating that this year. I expect it to be similar to last year, there won’t be as many opportunities to socialize with my old contacts and attendees, because I’ll be trying to support AccessData’s efforts more than attend sessions. Still, I hope some of you who I haven’t had the chance to see since last year will take a moment to stop by and say hello! I will definitely be at our booth on Monday evening Aug 19th, for the opening of the vendor hall, and should be spending much of my time in our demo room (Messina) on Tuesday and Wednesday.

So come on by and catch up, ok? And if you want a demo of Summation 5.0 or AD eDiscovery 5.0, I’ll be glad to do that for you too, but I won’t force it on you. Promise… 😉

Of course, if you want to try and meetup elsewhere let me know and I’ll get you a way to get in touch with me at the show.

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