Reading – 20 Cognitive Distortions and How They Affect Your Life

Always interesting to come across something from a therapy blog, and see how clearly it plays out in a professional environment. Cognitive Distortions exist everywhere, but they can really hurt you in your career. Take a look at some of the things listed in here and think about how you may be blinded by your…

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Reading – Federal Appeals Court Says Doc Review Is NOT Real Legal Work

“The parties themselves agreed at oral argument that an individual who, in the course of reviewing discovery documents, undertakes tasks that could otherwise be performed entirely by a machine cannot be said to engage in the practice of law.” There is a potential of some very far-reaching implications from this ruling. If doc review can…

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Reading – Pocket for iOS adds the ability to listen to articles with new text-to-speech feature

This is actually really cool for me. Let me tell you why. As much as I travel for work, and spend so much time on airplanes, in cabs, on public transport, on shuttles between Corvallis and the Portland Airport, and so on, you’d think I’d get a lot of reading done. But I don’t. I’m very susceptible to motion sickness when I try and read.

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Reading – Shy? Going to a Conference? – Try These Strategies to Connect

In the interest of following the advice given in these short presentations, let me also add that I will be attending a couple of conferences in the near future. I will be at ILTACon this year, so come by the Nuix booth and say hello! I will also be at our own Nuix User Exchange…