Linked – Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think

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Image by Frau Hölle

“”I interviewed a young person last week who was very clear about the need for multiple profiles,” boyd continues. “She used Tumblr to share all sorts of political feminist images with people who cared about that, Instagram to share photos with her classmates, Facebook to interact with everyone she’s ever met, and texting to talk with her closest friends and family.””Different sites, different audiences, different purposes.” she says. “Very simple.””

Clearly, this goes on all the time. As someone with 4 blogs, 3 Twitter handles and numerous Facebook pages, this is no surprise to me. For me, it’s different topics, different audiences, so why would I only have one persona to try and deal with all those different groups?

It’s pretty simple, and despite Google and Facebook’s desire to have one person and know as much about them as possible for targeting advertising purposes, real people tend to only share segments of themselves in certain channels.

That started long before the internet.

Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think

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