Linked – 4 things you can learn from stand up comedians about public speaking


“Stand up comedy seems to be so easy: you just enter the stage and start joking. There are no bullet point lists, no screens, no pauses – just the comedian speaking on and on, entertaining the audience.
Now it suddenly seems less easy, right? Well, the reality is stand up comedy is not easy at all, because you need to master a lot of skills, apart from having enough humor to make an entire audience laugh for two to three hours on end. Comedians know how to keep their audience engaged, which means you can learn a lot from these funny people about public speaking.”

This is advice I’ve heard before, and the more I thought about it at the time, the more I realized that having watched a lot of stand up comedy as a young person, I had subconsciously learned quite a bit about how to be in front of an audience, and how to tell a story to get a point across without even really thinking about it.

Because that’s what good stand-ups do, they tell stories and they keep people engaged with what they are talking about. While I’m not necessarily trying to be funny all day when training, I do need to be aware of subtle things I can do to make a point, and keep people engaged. I probably picked a lot of that up without even realizing it. I pick up more now that I know to look for it!


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