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As we prepare for going back to work, these two things will be paramount.

“In times of difficulty, and these times are certainly that, it is imperative that you realize that you are the model for the behavior you want and need from your people. Very few people will outperform their leader in a time of crisis.

It’s also important for leaders to keep in mind that every person has this area in both their heart and head that NEEDS information. It doesn’t need accurate information, it just needs information. That area will get the information it needs come hell or high water. If it can’t find the information then it will make the information up. That type of information is called rumor.”

On the first point Steve makes, if you expect your people to continue to be productive while working from home, you better model that. If you want them to take care of themselves and maintain a healthy work-life balance, you better model that. When you want them to come back to the office safely, you better model that too.

If you remain at home while making others travel to the office or to customer sites. You’re not a leader.They will see that.

On his second point, I do believe this is why we’ve seen so many people migrate toward conspiracy theories lately. In the absence of information, people will look for any information that sounds like “certainty”. Look at what is happening on social media with so-called “information” now. You do not want your people doing that within your business.

So, be a leader. Set the example, and over-communicate.

Your People Are Watching

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