PC Junkyard On Board the USS Missouri

Recently, while on a trip to visit Pearl Harbor, we had the opportunity to tour the battleship USS Missouri. Mighty Mo’, as she has become known, was the site of the Japanese surrender at the end of WWII, but more recently the Missouri was also brought back into service as part of Desert Storm, before finally being decommissioned again in the 90s. Like most warship tours, much of the time can be spent below decks, looking into the typical rooms and lives of the crew and officers. Since the Missouri was still in use in the 90s, that includes a number of offices and computer centers on board, which had a great number of PC’s from those years.

It was like walking down tech’s memory lane. How many of these look familiar to you? (Click the photo to enlarge.)

I’ll be sharing more of the photos from Hawaii over on my photo blog, but the geeky side of me couldn’t resist putting this over here.

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