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I’ve recently noticed a couple of folks signing up for the email newsletter, which is really just an email with new posts attached, and then unsubscribe shortly thereafter. I have two guesses why that might happen, one is that they really only wanted to read posts about Litigation Support and eDiscovery, or maybe just posts about technology and not all that eDiscovery stuff, or they didn’t want an email for every new posts.

The first situation I can’t do much about right now, but this is WordPress, did you know you can subscribe to an RSS feed for just one category of the blog? For example, if you want to see just posts about Litigation Support, this feed will do you. –

Then just adjust the URL for whatever category you like. See the list over in the sidebar.

The other situation, I could do something about, so I have. From now on, instead of getting an email for each new post, the email will go out once a week, on Monday, and contain the full week’s posts. Feel free to hit up the subscribe form to sign up.

Eventually, if there’s interest, I may do a separate newsletter for just one or two categories, but for now, we’ll see how this goes.

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