Data with an open lock

Linked – Your New Biggest Security Threat – DMS Adoption

Yeah, this happens:

“In most firms, DMS adoption is mediocre to downright nonexistent.  This year, Fireman & Company has interviewed almost 2,000 lawyers across a wide range of projects and one common theme crosses firms and practices: lawyers work very hard to avoid using the DMS. Most often, they’ll put files on their local C drive, or a network share, because they feel it’s simpler and easier to save and retrieve documents that way.  Left unaddressed, this is a ticking time bomb, even if you move to the cloud.”

Law firms and every other business in the world have this same problem. You can build a seriously secure environment for your data to be stored in, but if the users find using it too difficult they’ll route around it, storing the data you work so hard to keep secure, in other, insecure, places.

The tool, in this case a DMS, is only as good as the people using it, or not using it in this case.

Your New Biggest Security Threat – DMS Adoption

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