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Linked – A tough crowd at work is no joke – stand-up comedians share their tips

I found this fascinating, and full of really good ideas for dealing with less than stellar crowds. I also found it interesting because one of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard about doing presentations, or a training class, was to watch stand-up comics. Their sense of timing, and use of voice is something any public speaker can learn from.

“It might not be on the world stage, but every day people at work face tough crowds and awkward addresses of their own – be it when delivering a presentation, hosting an event, or being tasked with pepping up their downtrodden team.

So here with some advice on how to handle tough crowds are some of those most experienced in dealing with them, the bravest and steeliest among us: stand-up comedians.”

In the legal industry, we get plenty of tough crowds. Just imagine getting the attention of a room full of lawyers carrying their smartphones in with them?

Yeah, that’s a tough room. Trust me.Perhaps some of the advice in this article can help prepare you.


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