TIL – There’s a Font That Was Scientifically Designed to Help You Remember Information

Apparently it has been around for awhile, but RMIT University in Australia created a font that is specifically designed tor retention called Sans Forgetica.

It apparently works by forcing the brain to work a bit harder to read, and thus slow down and focus on what it’s reading more than it might normally.

I’m sort of fascinated by it. I wouldn’t publish stuff for others to read with it, because forcing other people to work harder to read your content isn’t a great idea, but I am curious to see if I start using it to take notes, if it would work when I went back to review the notes.

Maybe I’ll try it out this week with some of the Microsoft Ignite sessions.

Note: If you’re not familiar with Reddit acronyms, “TIL” stands for “Today I Learned”

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