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Linked: Brain Research Confirms Stupidity Of Back-to-Back Meetings

The research just proves that we already know from first-hand experience, right? We’ve all been in back-to-back meetings, leaving one Microsoft Teams or Zoom call just to click the link to another, and it’s obvious which team members have done that and aren’t mentally prepared for the current meeting.

We all know it. We all schedule our meeting to end at 25 or 55 past the hour so that we don’t make people do that, and then we still run to the top or bottom of the hour anyway. Sometimes even over.

Proving, once again, that we suck at meetings. And yes, I include myself in that.

On the other hand, the fact that we have so many back-to-back meetings might also be a sign that we simply have too many, no?

Anyway, in the hope that maybe, someone, will attempt to be better at meetings, go read the findings, and recognize how much less brain power you get in those meetings when people don’t get a break to reset before jumping on yet another meeting. You’re really not getting the best of your people.


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