Linked: Employees are twice as likely as executives to work in office full-time

This is just wrong on so many levels.

“Executives have often led the charge to return to in-person work — yet new research from Future Forum, Slack’s research consortium, reveals that non-executive employees are nearly twice as likely as executives to be working from the office five days a week.”

It reminds me too much of some of the stories I heard over the years about law firms. Lawyers who worked from anywhere on flexible schedules with staff who were never afforded any consideration for that but were also expected to respond to those same lawyers working evenings and weekends after spending all day in the office. And yes, that includes maybe working until 2 AM to get something for those attorneys and still being expected in the office at 8, or required to take PTO if you were not.

It never made any sense. It still doesn’t make any sense, and if you’re an executive requiring your people to do something you won’t I, for one, will feel no sympathy for you when your best people leave.

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