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Linked: Employee Retention Strategies to Future-Proof Your Org

This is all too often the one thing we forget about when it comes to retention.

“If you want to retain top talent, first do the obvious: Make sure your company culture isn’t toxic, offer competitive salary, perks, and benefits, and embrace flexible work if possible. These things matter. But they’re the obvious variables for a reason. Most organizations know about them, are focused on them, and are losing top talent anyway. It’s time to attend to other variables. It’s time to invest in learning, growth, and fostering interpersonal relationships.

Remember: 86% of professionals would change jobs for better professional development. But 94% would stay with their current employer longer if they had better learning opportunities. Your people want to stay. They just want to grow even more.”

So often, I see people sitting and doing the same job, the same way, year after year. Some people are OK with that, and it becomes difficult to help them grow because they are resistant to change. Most people, however, do not want that to be their career, and so they leave to find a place that allows them to grow. If you aren’t the place that supports their growth, you are at risk of losing them to a place that will. It’s really that simple.

Employee retention strategies to future-proof your organization

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