Active Directory Planning and Design

Looks like Wes is having a bad Monday in terms of meetings too!

Walked over to the library at lunch today, and to follow up on my earlier post about learning some new tech stuff, I picked up a copy of Active Directory Planning and Design. I’ll let you know how it rates as a teaching tool.

By the way, you’ll notice that the book is hyperlinked to By way of being upfront with everyone, I am an associate with Amazon and if you go through the links here, or down in the left-hand side for “Computer Books”, and make a purchase at Amazon they will send me a cut. It’s not very much and it is in no way designed to make this a “commercial” site. I am not even really trying to make money off of this site. If I was there’d be a lot more obvious and intrusive links on it! However, if you value the site and are planning a purchase through Amazon, I would appreciate it if you would at least consider going through the links here to make your purchase, as you’ll be contributing to cover some of the hosting costs, and maybe the software costs of blogger or whatever I wind up with in the future. At the same time, let me assure you, this site is not going anywhere if you don’t, either. I’ll still be right here, because I enjoy this tremendously!

There, now I’ll never mention it again :).

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