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A coworker of mine hooked me up with the link to the beta version of Adobe’s Lightroom 3 a couple of weeks ago, and of course, just in time for me to get home and go through the photos from Arizona. So I took it for a test drive. I like it, especially the option to go find presets and play around with a photo in all sorts of different settings.

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The one thing I wasn’t thrilled with was working with photos on my Macbook. Maybe it’s just my eyesight, and given the new prescription for my glasses that could very well be true, but I wound up going back to my Windows PC for the larger monitors before posting anything. So, if I’m going to continue using Lightroom to process photos for the next few months,I may have to go ahead and install it there instead of on the laptop. 🙂

So, where are the best places to learn more about Lightroom and presets? Share your tips!

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  1. So far I haven't seen any LR only or LR centric podcasts except for Adobe's LR Killer tips ( I see the occasional segment on general photography podcasts but they usually don't cover things like their favorite custom presets or plug-ins.

    I just noticed that LR3 beta has a blog,

    If you're just starting to learn how to edit photos seriously and heavily, I recommend getting your monitor calibrated. You will inevitably notice that your photos will look different from one monitor to the next. There's nothing worse than to edit a hundred photos on you laptop and then realize that the saturation is way overdone because you edited on your laptop monitor and it is a POS. But, there's no reason to install LR on another computer, just plug in an external monitor.

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