Linked – Facebook quizzes are (still) a privacy threat


An online quiz that illustrates the words you use the most on Facebook as a “word cloud” has gone viral — and it’s a great reminder of why you should be wary of connecting ostensibly fun games with your account. UK-based VPN comparison website Comparitech has delved into how it collects not just your name, but also your birthdate, hometown, education details, all your Likes, photos, browser, language, your IP address and even your friends list if you link it with Facebook. Too many details for a simple game, right? If you agree, you may want to think hard before linking any other FB quiz in the future, because most of them require you to give up a similar list of information.

Do you read what, exactly, apps, quizzes, and various other places request when it comes to interacting with Facebook? If you did, would you still grant them the access? Check it out before you click!

Facebook quizzes are (still) a privacy threat

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