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“It’s one aspect of a tech policy problem that has been plaguing us for at least 25 years: technologists and policymakers don’t understand each other, and they inflict damage on society because of that. But it’s worse today. The speed of technological progress makes it worse. And the types of technology­ — especially the current Internet of mobile devices everywhere, cloud computing, always-on connections and the Internet of Things — ­make it worse.”

And yet, look at the current crop of candidates. Which one of them truly understands technology? Yeah, exactly. Which one of them is even talking about tech policy beyond scary stories about terrorists maybe using encryption instead of understanding why encryption protects us and our information?

As much as there are lots of political issues out there, it disappoints me that we continue to find it humorous when the people given the responsibility for setting the rules when it comes to technology and the law can’t even use their smartphone, instead of realizing how much harm their ignorance causes all of us.

Using Law Against Technology

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