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Linked – The Advantage Of Being A Little Underemployed

It is interesting to realize that many of us are so busy “being productive” that we never really find time to solve the big problems and make the big difference that we are capable of.

But really, in an industry like the law, where time is, literally, money, will anyone ever get this? Is this one of the reasons things are so slow to change, because no one really has the time to think about making big changes?

“It’s just hard to do that because we’re set on the idea that a typical work day should be eight uninterrupted hours seated at your desk. Tell your boss you found a trick that will make you more creative and productive, and they ask what you’re waiting for. Tell them that your trick is taking a 90-minute walk in the middle of the day, and they says no, you need to work. Another way to put this is that a lot of workers have thought jobs without much time to think.”

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