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Oh this is going to be fun….

“Last year, I wrote about the potential for doxers to alter documents before they leaked them. It was a theoretical threat when I wrote it, but now Citizen Lab has documented this technique in the wild:”

I’ve looked at this sort of thing before, and it scares me. It’s one thing for private information to get hacked, and released. Could be really embarrassing, cause marital problems and so on. But how do you deal with some of that personal information getting leaked, along with stuff that isn’t true.

Think, for example of how easy it would be to alter a little bit of language here, a few words there, throw in a bit of context, etc. and suddenly that coworker you texted about an after work event, becomes an affair, or corporate espionage, or worse? And let’s face it, the Twitter mob isn’t going to wait around for someone to authenticate the leaked info, it will run with it and destroy lives and careers in a heartbeat if properly outraged.

By the time to truth comes around, it won’t matter at all. This is the world we’ve created….


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