Linked – Improving PDF-Based Document Productions: Unitization

The mind reels that in 2019 we are still writing articles about this:

“If you are requesting documents from an adversary, I strongly recommend insisting on one point and making it non-negotiable. PDFs should be produced with a separate PDF file for each originally separate document. In technical language, the production should be “logically unitized.” If the other side is going to provide you with 100 documents, they must provide you with 100 separate PDF files. The other side should not and must not combine the 100 separate documents into one giant PDF file!”

The one giant PDF phenomenon is wrong on so many levels I cannot conceive of single reason why it should exist at all. But it does. And, as the author points out, it only serves to make every else’s day harder. And that’s just in trying to review. Just wait until they get a clawback request for one of the documents inside the giant PDF.

Because that’s what the legal system needs, law firms actually editing produced documents to comply with a clawback agreement. That’s a grand idea.


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