Trip update

We’ve been having a great time in Texas this week. The weather’s been great, the food’s been awesome, and even having our train back from a day trip in Austin Sunday delayed turned into a fun adventure. It was cool to be sitting in the little train depot in Austin using Twitter from my Blackberry to communicate with friends and find out about things that were going on.

The one thing we have noticed though, is that while everyone from here we’ve come across has been really nice and very hospitable, some of the other tourists leave a bit to be desired in the good taste department. Seriously, do you not get that talking on your cell phone inside the Alamo might be rude? There are signs as you enter about showing respect to the people who died here, by remaining quiet, removing your hat, etc., but that doesn’t stop them. Of course, the folks who lit a candle inside the church at Mission San Jose with a lighter are a whole other case. I haven’t considered myself Catholic in many years, but I was still offended at the lack of cultural awareness it takes to not take the existing light from one of the other candles. Seriously, if you aren’t going to take a minute to understand how and why you light candles inside a Catholic Church, just don’t do it, ok?

On a more positive note, one of the things I got caught up on through my Blackberry was the generosity shown by some of my fellow Friends in Tech members toward the creator of PC Weenies. When I got caught up on it, I was very proud to be associated with such a group of good people. Bravo!

Pictures of the trip will be up some time after we get home.

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